From creating personal documentaries to directing music videos and from shooting on any format from 8mm film to 4K video I love working on anything that poses a creative challenge. I’m more interested in the content than the form and not a big fan of sharp images. Proud user of a Bolex H16 film camera.

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Happy to work on creative projects, documentaries, music videos, short films or events.
I own a Panasonic GH5 and a collection of 8mm, s8mm and 16mm cameras (Arri S, Arri BL, Bolex H16 REX and more).

With 20 years of experience in editing all kinds of productions in Avid Software, I know that rhythm and emotion are the keys for a good edit.

I love the look and feel of actual film and even more the formats of the independent filmmaker of the past (8mm and 16mm). Always available to work on film projects and can also provide technical support and equipment. Occasionally, I organize 16mm film workshops.

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