Yiorgos of Kedros (82′) is a documentary that my father started in 1972 and I finished in 2020 in the island of Donoussa in Greece.

A journey in time through the eyes of two generations of filmmakers, traveling to the same remote island in Greece from the ’70s until now. Yiorgos Kolozis went to Donoussa for the first time in 1972, there was no electricity then and the word tourist was unknown to the island’s inhabitants. Staying alone in his tent at Kedros beach, he acquired the name “Yiorgos of Kedros”and visited many times filming the remains of old times. Yiorgos’ death in 2009 led Yiannis, his son, to continue his work, in order to create a story in which the linearity is not about time, but emotion, while time is treated as a reconsideration of the present moment. Where birth, death, youth and old age are present simultaneously. A study in the concept of memory.

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Teaser shot on a 16mm Bolex in 2018: